Protecting Schools and Nurseries: Advice from Jan San

2020: it’s been a challenging year for everyone. The outbreak of Covid-19 has transformed public health’s approach to proper cleaning and hygiene, with schools and nurseries returning to full-time education as we approach the autumn season. As we welcome children back to our schools and nurseries, the team at Jan San have highlighted some top tips around keeping play and learning environments clean, safe and protected, pointing out those infection hotspots to watch out for. Check it out!

As we prepare to enter a new normal, there are a number of measures which we have all become accustomed to, including basic steps like social distancing and strong levels of hand hygiene. However, schools and nurseries require a more focussed approach to cleaning and sanitation - an essential to bear in mind as we do all that we can to protect the health and wellbeing of pupils, their teachers and their families.

Before we highlight infection risks in schools and classrooms and how to address them, we’d like to share the UK Government’s official guidance on cleaning and disinfection in non-medical settings. This contains some really useful resources on the longevity of the virus on hard surfaces, as well as official guidance on cleaning and disinfection to keep premises open. Now, let’s take a look at some top tips to keep your classroom safe!


Protect High-Risk Areas

Like shops and office spaces, there are a number of locations within a school or classroom setting that can be recognised as ‘high risk’. So, what is included as high-risk areas and what steps can we take to facilitate strong levels of infection control in these areas? 

  • Commonly touched locations: This can include doorknobs, handrails, elevator buttons, stationery, equipment and electronic devices such as tablets.
  • Communal areas: These areas typically see significant levels of footfall. These areas can include receptions, waiting areas, staff rooms, kitchens, locker rooms and corridors. 
  • Soft play areas: These areas are typically used by young children and should form a special area of focus for cleaning and disinfection. This is also the case for the items included within that play area, including toys. 

All of the aforementioned areas are more likely to be hotspots for coronavirus contamination than others. Whilst our understanding of Covid-19 continues to change every day, early research and evidence suggest that it thrives and spreads on hard surfaces and commonly touched objects. It is therefore essential that these areas are cleaned at least twice a day with cleaning products such as detergent or bleach. Communal areas should be made free from any unnecessary clutter, with a preference for items that are easy to clean using soap and hot water. 

In order to protect the pupils and staff of your school, as well as their families, Jan San recommends putting measures in place to clean and disinfect these areas after use whenever possible. If this step isn’t practical, it’s absolutely crucial that these areas are cleaned often and that you and your class maintain the strongest levels of hand hygiene. 


Facilitate Hygiene and Distancing Across All Steps

Early indications suggest that Covid-19 is spread particularly well via water droplets - meaning that coughs and sneezes are the main channels of contamination. It is therefore essential that we adopt thorough processes around infection control in interior spaces, and that is especially the case within environments where levels of ventilation are poor. 

In many cases, protective barriers made from plexiglass have been proposed as strong lines of defence against the virus. Adopting this kind of measure should be welcomed - especially as these barriers are often durable and easily washed using mild soap and water. But how can we really facilitate strong levels of hygiene and social distancing across all locations in your classroom?

  • Install hygienic infrastructure: It is essential that children wash their hands with approved sanitary products whenever moving between environments, including various classrooms and learning areas. To facilitate this, consider installing sanitiser stands and always opt for an antiviral disinfectant wherever possible. Where this infrastructure isn’t possible, ensure that kids are properly equipped with other solutions such as hand wipes or gentle antibacterial handwash.
  • Facilitate personal protection: Many schools will have different policies around the use of PPE for pupils. In cases where schools have ordered that pupils wear PPE in classrooms or corridors, we recommend opting for protective surgical face masks or reusable cotton face masks. For other members of staff, including teachers, the wearing of a face visor is fully advised. 

It’s not enough for schools to simply advise children around the best steps to take. To curb the infection and to protect ourselves and our families, it is essential that we equip our children with the right infrastructure and protective solutions. 


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Keeping Your Classroom Safe: How Jan San Can Help

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