Keeping Your Business Open: 4 Tips from JanSan

As we enter a new normal and businesses and organisations reopen their doors to the public & employees, it’s crucial to keep those doors open by making a commitment to fresh hygienic and sanitary measures. Few understand these challenges better than JanSan - that’s why we’ve shared 4 tips to protect your business by making wise choices around infection control. Thank us later!


  1. Choose a Reliable Supplier

The challenges of today mean that janitorial and sanitary products are in high demand. In many cases over recent months, suppliers have struggled to meet this demand. Supply chains have been disrupted, expectations have been disappointed and organisations are now finding more difficulty in finding a trustworthy and reliable supplier.

Dependable, reliable supplies of sanitary and disinfectant products are now more important than ever. And, in the rush to protect ourselves and our staff, we realise that it can be tempting to place products from almost any source on your cleaning shelf. Here at JanSan, we recommend conducting supplier research before agreeing to any purchases. It pays to think of your supplier as a partner - and supply chain assurances are a must.

Here’s why customers across the UK place their trust in JanSan as a reliable supplier:

  • Next day delivery: A rapid service to deliver the items you need without delay
  • Free delivery over £50 (ex VAT): Meaning a simple, inclusive price
  • Special offers: Even lower prices on selected items
  • Assured supply: UK-based warehouse with reliable supply chain to reduce out of stock items


  1. Choose High-Quality Products

The huge and increased demand for janitorial and sanitary products has placed more pressure on the industry than ever. Unfortunately, this has had a negative impact on the general quality of these products. In these strange times, making poor choices around quality hygiene products can be highly damaging. not just to the potential health & wellbeing of your staff and visitors, but also to your business or organisation’s reputation. After all, a poor experience with a low-quality product dilutes the integrity of your brand.

You can make the right choices around quality products by:

  • Looking for references to formulas used in the products
  • Examine the quality of packaging
  • Looking for well-executed packaging with printed instructions
  • Looking for top brands and trusted organisations


  1. Use Products Safely & Effectively

To many, using hygiene and sanitary products may seem fairly simple. However, the highly transmissible nature of the virus means that businesses and organisations must adopt new and fresh approaches to infection control. This means using products safely and effectively and disposing of them in the correct manner. Whilst directions differ between product to product, there are some common sense principles we’d like to point out around hygienic and sanitary practice. Using these products properly can play a role in keeping your doors open:

  • Catch it, bin it, kill it: Used and depleted cleaning products, including antibacterial wipes, must be disposed of in a bin and at a safe distance from workspace or food prep environments. Items must also be disposed of in an environment free of naked flames.
  • Read the instructions: Each and every cleaning and the sanitary product comes with its own official instructions. It is essential that users observe and act on all instructions, reducing the risk of infection with careful and proper usage.
  • Wash your hands: Viruses, toxins and pathogens are commonly spread from surfaces to our hands, where they can quickly reach our noses and mouths. By washing your hands thoroughly you can reduce this risk.


  1. Facilitate Strong Social Distancing & Hygiene Practices

Keeping your organisation’s doors open whilst protecting your staff and visitors must begin with making the right choices around your products, as well as your supplier. However, there are a number of steps that you can take to control infection risk on your premises. It’s all about facilitating strong social distancing & hygiene practices across your business, helping your employees and visitors stay safe with the right infrastructure, including:


Keeping Your Business Running: How JanSan Can Help

We’ve used all our supply chains, cleaning supplies and delivery know-how to make the quickest, most cost-effective service we can provide happen. After all, JanSan was founded with over 40 years of experience supplying cleaning and janitorial products. We’re proud to serve our customers with products that are safe, effective and approved. It’s what we do.


To contact JanSan, email our Midlands-based HQ for a rapid, personal response - [email protected]