How to stay “Covid Secure” when re-opening this April | JanSan UK


For many, it’s the first time open for 97 days – and quite simply, we’re thrilled! However, for many reopening after a period of closure does not come without its challenges - and with new, more stringent social distancing and cleaning requirements, it’s never been more important to stay ‘COVID secure’.

Here is how:

  1. Check your risk assessment. Do you have the appropriate deep cleaning equipment for end-of-day cleaning, or should a positive case be identified?
  2. Social distancing. Are customers 2m apart? Are you using signs, matting, and floor markers to reinforce your message? Where maintaining the full 2m is not possible, install Perspex barriers to minimise infection spread.
  3. Is everyone wearing a face mask? Put signage at every entrance to reinforce your message and – as a bonus – keep a spare box handy just in case someone has forgotten.
  4. Make hand hygiene a priority. Place sanitiser bottles at every entrance or – even better – install one of our outdoor sanitisers stands to keep sanitisation front of mind (and front of house…!).
  5. Ensure surfaces – especially high touchpoints and ‘shared’ areas, e.g., tables – are frequently wiped down with a disinfectant/virucidal solution effective against coronavirus, for example, our Antiviral Disinfectant.

Putting infection control measures in place not only helps to minimise the risk of contracting coronavirus but also gives your customers confidence in you and your service. At a time when many are apprehensive about the risk of infection spread, these measures are vital to your business’s livelihood. So, in summary: identify where the risk of transmission is high, implement an appropriate solution and be prepared to deal with every eventuality – this way, it’s a win-win for everyone.


Our Recommended Covid Essentials

Andarta Surface Sanitiser Aerosol 200ml

Andarta Surface Sanitizer Aerosol removes and neutralises odours, and also gets rid of bad smells. It leaves the room smelling fresh and clean. Using a strong alcohol-based formula that has been fully tested to BS EN 1276 and BS EN 1650 for biocidal efficacy, it is active against most different bacteria and viruses. The spray can be used to clean and sterilise surfaces, leaving them clean from bacteria and viruses.

EN-Certified 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel (236ml)

Keep your hands clean from germs and viruses with this easy to open and portable hand sanitising gel. This plastic flip-top bottle can be carried with you anywhere so you can disinfect hands after touching potentially contaminated surfaces. When you are out and about, this clear gel is a great alternative to trying to find a public washroom for cleaning your hands with soap and water. It has an alcohol-based content.


Antiviral Wipe Kit

Our best-selling COVID products, now available in one handy package! This kit includes 6x Antiviral Disinfectant Trigger Spays, 1x Grab n Clean Portable Roll Holder and 6x Grab n Clean Blue 550 Sheet Roll. The Antiviral Disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs and viruses and has been independently tested to European Standard BS EN 14476 against coronaviruses. The portable roll holder improves infection control, protecting the blue roll within a closed-system design. The single-sheet dispensing also prevents wastage and over-usage.


Midi Disinfectant Surface Wipes (Pack of 200)

Highly effective disinfectant cleaning wipes with outstanding microbiocidal performance. Clinical Midi-Wipes are active against bacteria, fungi & viruses. With dual-action cleaning and disinfecting properties, they are the perfect choice for medical environments, offices, schools and homes. Gentle on surfaces and alcohol-free they can be used all day every day to keep your surfaces clean and safe.


Covid-19 Essentials: Why Does The UK Trust JanSan?

It’s simple: we aim to offer a better, faster, more comprehensive choice of cleaning products including washroom supplies; wiping cloths, soaps and skincare, cleaning chemicals, mopping and floor care, cleaning equipment and waste management products. From automatic sanitiser dispensers and wall-mounted bulk fill dispensers through to sanitise gels and disinfectant surface wipes, our inventory of hygiene and covid-response products allow our customers to enter the new normal with added peace of mind. Orders for in-stock items received by 3 pm Monday to Friday are sent using next day delivery with free postage on orders over £50 (ex VAT) to the UK mainland.



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