Slow the Spread with JanSan’s Covid-19 Essentials

Here at JanSan, we’re here to lend a helping hand in the fight against Covid-19 with high-quality cleaning and janitorial products. We’re proud to be the UK’s trusted supplier through these strange and challenging times, protecting our customer’s homes and businesses with products that are safe, effective and approved - it’s what we do! To assist our customers in entering the new normal, JanSan is delighted to announce our new Covid-19 Essentials Range, containing all the products you need to slow the spread. Check it out!


One-Stop Resource
Customers across the UK praise our Covid-19 essentials range for its:

As businesses and organisations across a range of sectors reopen their doors to the public, the demand for quality cleaning products and janitorial supplies has skyrocketed. This marked increase in demand has had a direct impact on product quality as well as disrupted supply chains. When you choose JanSan, you can proceed with total confidence.

With our Covid-19 Essentials range, we’re proud to serve our customers with a one-stop resource for vital sanitising items.

  • Next day delivery: A rapid service to deliver the items you need without delay
  • Free delivery over £50 (ex VAT): Meaning a simple, inclusive price
  • Special offers: Even lower prices on selected items
  • Assured supply: UK-based warehouse with reliable supply chain to reduce out of stock items



Let’s take a look at some of our top sellers!

Handsafe Sanitiser Stand

HandSafe Sanitiser Stand

ONLY £220!

Protect your staff and visitors as buildings and operations re-open with the HandSafe Sanitiser Stand. It can be transported to every point that needs hygiene mobile. It is light and durable, made of aluminium - ideal for entrances to public buildings, warehouses and offices – with 1-litre sanitiser capacity, inclusive of batteries.

Andarta Moisturising Antibacterial Soap (2x5L)

ONLY £13.12

60%+ alcohol hand sanitiser designed for all kinds of workplace use - killing 99.99% of all common germs, this no-rinse formulation is ideal for regular sanitisation as part of your hand hygiene routine. Contains moisturising agents to keep hands soft and supple - ideal as a regular-use hand sanitiser in the food and healthcare industries.

Gentle Antibacterial Handwash

Gentle Antibacterial Handwash

(2x5L) ONLY £13.12

(12x500ml) ONLY £8.50

Antibacterial hand soap with an effective formulation enriched with moisturisers to leave hands soft and clean - suitable for regular use whilst killing 99.99% of germs. Available in both a 485ml pump-top presentation and as 5L product for refilling bulk-fill dispensers.

Suresan Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser 236ml

ONLY £2.50!

Keep your hands clean from germs and viruses with this easy to open and portable hand sanitising gel. Plastic flip-top bottle, containing moisturising elements such as vitamin E and aloe vera to protect skin. Highly accredited, conforming to BSEN 1276:2019 standard, bactericidal according to BSEN 1500 (hand sanitiser) and virucidal to BSEN 14476 & BSEN 12791.

Andarta One Shot Fogging Aerosol 200ml

Andarta One Shot Fogging Aerosol 200ml

ONLY £6.80!

Andarta One-Shot Fogging Aerosol fully conforms to BSEN 1276 AND BSEN 1650 with an alcohol content above 90% giving a clean and fresh fragrance. It is a perfect solution where an area of up to 100m3 needs to be sanitized quickly such-as vehicles, public transport, medical areas and offices. Within 15 minutes, all surfaces will have an anti-bacterial layer and the air would have been sanitized. 

Grab & Clean Dispenser with Blue Centrefeed Roll & Andarta Antiviral Disnfectant

Antiviral Wipe Kit

ONLY £37.50!

Our best-selling COVID products, now available in one handy package! This kit includes 6x Antiviral Disinfectant Trigger Spays, 1x Grab n Clean Portable Roll Holder and 6x Grab n Clean Blue 550 Sheet Roll. The Antiviral Disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs and viruses and has been independently tested to European Standard BS EN 14476 against coronaviruses. The portable roll holder improves infection control, protecting the blue roll within a closed-system design. The single-sheet dispensing also prevents wastage and over-usage.


Andarta Super Antiviral Disinfectant 5 Litre

Super Antiviral Disinfectant

(2x5L) ONLY £19.99

(6x750ml) ONLY £17.50

A Super Antiviral Disinfectant providing bacterial and viricidal cleaning – bleach-free, non-toxic and non-tainting, it effectively cleans and sanitises at the same time. The product is accredited to EN1276 and EN13697 and has been independently tested to European Standard BS EN 14476 against coronavirus. Available in 750ml and 5L presentations for all requirements.


Midi Disinfectant Surface Wipes (200 Pack)

Midi Disinfectant Surface Wipes 200 pack

ONLY £8.99!

Highly effective disinfectant cleaning wipes with outstanding microbiocidal performance - active against bacteria, fungi & viruses. With dual-action cleaning and disinfecting properties, they are the perfect choice for medical environments, offices, schools and homes. Gentle on surfaces and alcohol-free they can be used all day every day to keep your surfaces clean and safe.


Blue Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves (Medium) Box of 200

Blue Powder-free Nitrile Gloves - Medium (Box of 200)

ONLY £17.50!

These powder-free nitrile examination gloves are top quality products that highly resist permeation by chemicals, viruses and bacteria. Thin walls and textured finger surface enhance grip and guarantee excellent tactile sensitivity.

Tecman En-Certified Face Visor

Face Visor

ONLY £4.50!

Tecmans lightweight face shield with an anti-fog coating protects the face and eyes from splashing or spraying infectious or hazardous substances. The disposable face shields are manufactured from optically clear polyester for maximum visibility, whilst the soft elastic strap and PU foam headband provide additional, long-term comfort and durability. The product can be worn with or without additional face protection, such as prescription or protective eyewear and face masks.


Face Mask 3 Ply Type IIR (Pack 50)

Face Mask 3 Ply Type IIR (Pack 50)

ONLY £9.95!

Quality disposable face masks with elastic earloops offering high filtration efficacy accredited to EN 14683, Type IIR fluid resistant. With polypropylene non-woven fabric, the design includes an inner polyester soft skin-friendly non-woven fabric.


Anti-Bacterial Reusable Mask (Black)

Anti-Bacterial Reusable Mask Black

ONLY £1.85!

This reusable and washable face mask provides protection from dust/dirt and water particles. The smart anti-bacterial cotton and polyester are fully breathable and comfortable to wear. It is fitted with elasticated loop ear holes on each side which will sit behind your ears providing a comfortable and nice fit for all individuals. This product is washable at 60 degrees.





Covid-19 Essentials: Why Does The UK Trust JanSan?

It’s simple: we aim to offer a better, faster, more comprehensive choice of cleaning products including washroom supplies; wiping cloths, soaps and skin care, cleaning chemicals, mopping and floor care, cleaning equipment and waste management products. From automatic sanitiser dispensers and wall-mounted bulk fill dispensers through to sanitise gels and disinfectant surface wipes, our inventory of hygiene and covid-response products allow our customers to enter the new normal with added peace of mind. Orders for in-stock items received by 3 pm Monday to Friday are sent using next day delivery with free postage on orders over £75 (ex VAT) to the UK mainland.



All product pricing contained in this blog was accurate and correct at the time of publication. All prices are subject to change with fluctuations in the market and JanSan reserves the right to amend product pricing at any time. Please consult our Terms & Conditions to learn more.